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Our commitment at Access Home Closing is to ensure you experience the joy of an effortless close. We achieve that by providing you and your clients with best-in-class customer service.
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We’ve set a new standard for the home closing process.  Gone are the days of an opaque, mysterious title and escrow experience. Welcome to our re-imagined, transparent process delivered simply with convenience, clear communication, and a smile.
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Chase Pennington
Managing Director

Chase is dedicated to being a positive contribution to his team, his clients, and the escrow business as Access Home Closing’s Managing Director. His extensive background in leadership spans multiple industries including Boeing engineering and senior management leadership of Legal and Affiliate Programs at John L. Scott Real Estate. Chase understands the highs and lows of the real estate industry, the challenges that can accompany the process of purchasing a home, and is steadfast in overcoming obstacles to help reach solutions that make for an effortless close. He applies his friendly, loyal, and caring attributes to his professional and volunteer efforts alike, devoted to developing meaningful relationships and having a positive impact on the lives of others and the business. Most recently, Chase has partnered with John L. Scott Real Estate and Amazon to drive critical change to the racially restrictive covenants within property deeds.

When he’s not working, he is happiest actively exploring the beauty of the Pacific Northwest by running, hiking, cycling, fishing, and giving it his best attempt at golfing. Spending quality time with family and friends is also always at the top of Chase’s to-do list.

's personal motto:
“If you never did, you should! These things are fun and fun is good!" — Dr. Seuss
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Karin Marlowe
Director of Business Operations

Seasoned operations leader of more than 15 years’ diverse experience, Director of Business Operations, Karin Marlowe strives to create an environment in which the Access Home Closing team is empowered to do their best work. A Shoreline College alumna, Karin earned her Associate of Arts and immersed herself in an array of trainings and certification programs, from human resource management and fundamentals of Washington Real Estate, to studying project management at Bellevue College. Passionate about developing and elevating organizational operations, she utilizes her widespread knowledge in business operations including office administration, human resources, IT operations, marketing, and customer relations to improve and streamline business processes. Through her collaborative spirit and contagious energy, Karin is committed to cultivating a culture of success and influencing a positive closing experience for both clients and employees.

When she isn't working, spending time with family and friends, discovering new places to eat, and traveling the world are among Karin's favorite pastimes.

's personal motto:
“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.” — African proverb
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Tricia Leonard
Director of Title Operations

A Loyola University School of Law graduate, Director of Title Operations, Tricia Leonard, adds a combined 28+ years of knowledge and expertise as a paralegal and Limited Practice Officer to the Access Home Closing team skillset. Tricia’s multifaceted career in real estate includes broker, property and asset manager, title officer, and paralegal positions, utilizing her Masters of Jurisprudence in Business and Corporate Governance Law. A nationally certified Compliance and Ethics Professional, her eagerness for learning is evident in her three college degrees and various career supporting licenses and certifications held. Tricia considers the law and practice of escrow a happy law, in that the vast majority of clients buying and selling real estate are elated about their ability to do so, and finds it gratifying to be a part of creating that joy for others.

Tricia loves a good sense of humor and spending time with her kids, family, friends and dogs in her spare time.

's personal motto:
“Life is too short to not enjoy it.”
Katherine avatar
Katherine Scofield
Senior Escrow Closer

A Bachelor of Arts graduate at Bennington College, Senior Escrow Closer, Katherine Scofield, became enamored with real estate when purchasing her first home. Drawn to the contracts, inspections, and title and escrow of the real estate process, she began her career as a real estate broker. Now, with over two decades of escrow closing experience, Katherine’s caring and empathetic approach, paired with her interpersonal adaptability, makes even the most challenging transaction a smooth and effortless close. She is articulate, helpful, and knowledgeable with a driving passion for the important work she does to truly make a difference in her clients’ lives.

Katherine values each day in her profession being different from the last, and finds joy in navigating new scenarios even 20+ years later. In her spare-time, Katherine is happiest spending time with family, making pottery, gardening, and training her dog.

's personal motto:
“Honesty is everything.”

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