Listing Package or a Preliminary Title Commitment: What Are The Differences

At Access Home Closing, we love it when our broker clients set up new orders with us prior to listing a property on the market, or prior to securing a listing.  It gives us the opportunity to offer so much information to brokers so that they can win that listing.  

Occasionally, there is some uncertainty as to what exactly is being requested and provided. Listing packages are great, they provide a quick snippet of information. A preliminary title commitment gives you everything you need to know about the property including any possible red flags to be addressed. We wanted to take a moment to review two of the documents commonly requested.

Listing Package

Let’s start off with what is ordered when you email Access Home Closing with a property address request. When a request comes into Access Home Closing, through either the portal, via email, or text to Chase, we will open a preliminary title commitment request which will assign an escrow number to the property address and link it to the broker’s portal.  Typically, within an hour this request, the broker will be emailed a document (titled a “TRIO”) that includes a summary of the county information, including taxes, legal description, the most recent vesting deed, and a location map of the property (sort of a modified listing package).

Preliminary Title Report

You may ask, so what is in the “preliminary title commitment”.  Well, it’s the full meal deal.  It is our goal to deliver to you within 72 hours a full title search and examination. This will include who is holding title (so you know who must sign the listing agreement and any PSAs), any liens on the property – deed of trusts, judgments, other liens, etc., any covenants, conditions, restrictions (CCRs), easements, agreements, any other matters of record that affect the property, and a location map of the property. This is at no cost to the broker or their clients – no expense is incurred unless the sale transaction closes.  

But wait, “I only need a listing package and I need it faster than 72 hours”.  Okay, so let’s review what a listing package is. A listing package traditionally includes information about the parcel of land taken from the county records, usually the county treasurer’s website, which includes tax information, legal description, zoning information, and parcel map.  It will have a copy of the current tax statement, most recent vesting deed, some photos from the county website, and assessor’s map (most of which is included in the TRIO from above).

Full Meal Deal

So, when working with Access Home Closing, do you need to request a “listing package” or a “preliminary title report”?  Our advice is to order the full meal deal by requesting the preliminary title commitment.  In doing so, you will receive the document entitled “TRIO” (a modified listing package) which will include most of the information that you get with a listing package and within approximately 72 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) you will have a complete title commitment listing everything that affects that property with advance notice of any red flags, which do not show on a listing package.  And with our red flag service, you will receive a phone call from the Director of Title Operations of Access Home Closing to review the document with you.

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